Monday, December 8, 2008

T-day and Tonia in Mad City

So I decided to take off T-day week from blogging so I'll do a little recap here.  Even though I would have been just as happy doing nothing, Tonia loves cooking too much and so we ended up having the best Thanksgiving diner ever.  Tonia made turkey breast with cornbread stuffing, mashed fresh sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin cheese cake. We ate like royalty all weekend long.  Once again we did some riding and had an all around good time.

On Friday Tonia flew off to Mad City to visit Brain, Heather and family.  I think Tonia is being used as day labor to help get the house ready for LBA.  Though I'm pretty sure that she has been going through withdrawals here in PHX as we have nothing to do on the place we are renting.  Although I think the cold weather waiting for her there will remind her why we moved.

Since we've been here I finally found a place to write.  The Fair Trade Cafe is a great coffee house down town PHX and has a great ambiance.  I've slipping in there on the weekends and on a couple week nights and trying to finish novel number three.  This one has reached a pretty big halt seeing as the move has completely disrupted my routines.  The first novel I'm going to send to a professional editor since my readers (Those who finished or gave any feedback at all) said it was worth moving forward with.  The second novel has been sitting for a while now and I know I've got to print it out pretty soon and start editing that one.  

So since Tonia's been gone I've been reading, writing, and riding.  The 3 R's.  I went out to South Mounting Municipal Park over the weekend and I was once again humbled by a real mountain.  I rode up what was called the Ranger Trail, and for the second time in my life while standing on a rock covered mountain trail a guy on horse looked at me like I was nuts.  He told me I'd be hike-a-biking and boy he was right.  I pushed my bike more than my first Afton, only this time it was up a series of rock covered switchbacks.  I HATE SWITCHBACKS!

At any rate I didn't quite make it to the top and I turned around and shot back to the bottom in about two minutes.  I rode around on some of the other trails that were more level and found them to be more to my liking.  I'm sure I will go back.  The pick below is about a third of the way to the top and you can barely see the car in the distance.  In the far distance, where all the big buildings are, is our house.

Thats about it for now.  Later.


Simmons said...

Do you hate switchbacks,rain or Wisconsin most? Congratulations on becoming an uncle! Are you going to comment the same time as me here too? :)

Cycling Scribe said...

I wasn't fast enough to catch you here Vino. That was crazy on the B & H postings.
The way you make it sound I hate lots of stuff. I'll have to rethink my life philosphy. Still I hate swtichbacks.

Brian said...

Glad to hear that you are warming up to WI. :)

What happened to our weekly updates? Have you forgotten us all? Has the excessive heat in AZ fried your brain? Have you played the Wii for 40 hours straight?

Stacy said...

Glad to see you are having so much fun and adventure. The way our weather has been we really envy you. I love the updates.