Saturday, February 7, 2009

"There's no Excuse!" We'll see!

Tonia and I at the Japanese Friendship Garden

So thanks to Heather's persistence and reminders by both Dave Simmons, and Auntie Alane I am finally updating the Blog.  So you may say, there's no excuse for not updating for over two months, well I say there are plenty of excuses.  And here they are:
5) Traveled to El Paso and Mexico for work.  Forgot how to speak English.
4) Alan and Danette visited over x-mas and we couldn't very well ignore them, right?
3) While Alan and Danette were visiting, a serious Wii tournament kept me from Blogging.
2) Had to travel to Farmington, NM for work.  The cold and snow there were too depressing and I could not possibly blog.
1) Lost the camera cord and could not upload pics to the Mac, thusly, could not update Blog.

I'm certain I could come up with a few more but I feel that should be enough to take the heat off.  So as far as to what's been happening, we've been keeping pretty busy.  Like I said, I've had a few business trips and the Abraham 'rents came down for a visit.

At the Waffle House

Also, I've been trying to ride and write as much as I can.  Tonia too has been riding more and more and is pushing 100 miles total on her little road bike.  The best road challenge in town is the South Mountain Municipal park and Tonia has been going down there and riding the 5 miles to the top and tearing back down again.  

I've been doing a lot of mountain bike riding at Papago Park, where there is a nice flowy course about 4 miles long.  I've been going over there a couple days a week after work and trying to get two or three laps in each time I go.  It's only like a mile from my office so it is very convenient. 

I've been spending as much time as possible writing as well, going to my newest haunt The Fair Trade Cafe.  
The Fair Trade Cafe

It's right next to the Light Rail and I've been taking that to work on the days I don't go biking. It's great being able to read on the way to work rather then worry about the many bad drivers down here.  
So I just sent novel #1 off to a professional editing service... since I just never felt right asking friends and family to do it.  I'd rather have you guys read it for pleasure.  Novel # 2 I finally printed and will begin my read through of that.  And novel #3 is at about 104,000 words and should be done before long.  I've been pushing through it because I am very excited to start on novel #4 which has been bouncing around in my head for a while now.

Work is going well, I'm super busy and the days are flying by.  Tonia has started doing some temp work at the Phoenix Convention Center until we can finally move and she can look for something a bit more permanent.  Many of you have also asked how little Mario is doing, so I'm throwing in some pics of him suffering through his first Arizona winter.


Heathrow's World said...

YAY!! The Litchy's are alive!
Good job Trenty.

Auntie Alane said...


Brian said...

Four novels?!?! Awesome Trent! Keep it up man.

Good to hear that you and Tonia are both getting some riding in already.

Simmons said...

Great to see that you guys are doing alright.

You'll be glad that you won't make it to Nine Mile this year. $350 entry fee! I won't be going either.


Jordan said...

Hi!! I miss you guys so much! I'm so excited to see you in two weeks! Give Mario a hug and kiss for me!