Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mister Peanut is dead. Long live the 'Lope

It's been a while since I last posted but there has been a tragedy in the Litchy home.  Mister Peanut, the most awesome single speed bike ever built has been stolen.  For those of you who don't know Brian built me Mister Peanut a few years ago as a commuter for the North Dakota winters.  He was a great bike and so named because of the Mister Peanut stuffed animal face stuck on the front of the bike thanks to little Mario's hatred of stuffed animals.  

Basically Tonia and I went to a movie downtown and locked our bikes outside. While we were gone someone cut my Kryptonite cable lock and stole my bike leaving Tonia's Trek 800.  In addition they took the severed lock so I couldn't even see how they cut it.  So since the bike was gone and never coming back we began the hunt for a replacement.  What we found in Phoenix is that bikes are a commodity and finding a used one is both difficult and often over priced.  

After looking at thrift stores, bike shops and a couple pawn shops I finally picked up this old Trek 820 Antelope.

We've already started fixing it up.  As soon as I get it stripped down I'm going to build it back up as a single speed.  Tonia found a community bike workshop called Bike Saviours where we took it in and picked up a new seat and strait handle bar for it.  The people there volunteer their time to help others fix or build bikes.  Everyone was super nice and they even have a ladies only night where women can work on bikes without feeling intimidated by all the weird guys who work on bikes.   I'll take some picks of my new parts and the bike as the it moves forward and post them next time.  Tonia wants to paint it so we'll see if I'm patient enough for that or not.

As far as activities, Tonia and I have been hiking and biking whenever we can and a couple weekends ago there was a Japanese Matsuri Festival downtown so we walked over to that and looked at some interesting art and people.  

Tonia also ran into an old high school chum at her work, so we had a double date at a cool piano bar downtown called My Florist.  I had Merlot and one kick ass Ruben.  The pianist played nonstop for over four hours and even covered the Super Mario Brothers theme montage.  She was amazing!  It was a good time and we had lots of good conversation.  

In other news my forth novel is under way.  I finished the third one a week or so ago and was so excited that I leaped into the fourth one that same day.  So here are my current dilemmas and I could use some advise.  I sent novel number 1 to some professional editors so see what it would cost to edit it.  The quotes came back ranging in price from $3000 to $6000 dollars for the project.  So do I wait until I stumble upon $3000 or do I give it one more cleaning and send it off to agents and see if they say it needs polish?  Please send me your advise.

Dilemma number 2 is not so much a question as a statement.  I need to do some major polishing on Novel #2, but I'm having trouble making myself do it.  I know I just need to bite the bullet and get after it; plus Heather is asking me to send it to her, which I want to do, but it needs polish.  So this is just me whining about it.  Buck up mister, right?

Anyway, I thought I would end the post with some of the interesting art in our neighborhood. The first image is an odd little sketch that's on the wall of a building next door to the Church of Scientology.

The second one is truly amazing.  I intended to take a better picture since the sun was shining so brightly and the lamp post is casting a shadow in the painting, but this is what you get for now.  Here's what I found amazing, the entire mural was done with aerosol spray cans and all done in less than a day.  It still blows my mind when I see it.

Alright, that's it for now.  Everyone stay safe and warm. 


SMB tech geeks said...

So sorry to hear that someone stole your bike, that is soooo annoying! Glad you've found a nice replacement though.

If you need any help fixing up your new bike, why not visit www.smbbearings.com/BB_BRGS.htm for a great article about replacing your bike's bottom bracket bearings, the photos are a real help too.

Simmons said...

Too bad about Mr. Peanut. Looking forward to the new build pictures.

I know nothing about editing or novels. I can barely read :)

As for the art. I really like the girl in the blue shirt posing for you in front of that building. Priceless sculpture :)

GenghisKhan said...

Ahhh, bike thieves! Gotta (not) love 'em, eh? I think I'd be slightly miffed if someone cut locks and didn't steal my bike!

As to your books, cool for you. I don't know anything about the process, but if you are a half-decent writer, know how to spell and/or run a spell check, I'd think the publisher will see the merit and then point you in the correct direct--maybe even do final edit? Don't know, but $3K sounds steeeeeep!

Brian said...

I bet Tonia's paint job wouldn't be as cool as the one I put on Mr Peanut!

I like the Japanese festival girl too. :)

Novel 1: Polish and send to agent.
Novel 2: Get off ass and polish.
Novel 3: ?
Novel 4: Complete
Step 5: Profit

"I built Speaker City from the ground up and I can barely read."

Heathrow's World said...

Dude, who are all these strangers posting on your blog?
Pay 3K and get it edited. The payout once its published will be way more than that and life will be good. Otherwise, how in the world will Tonia's latest dream come true??
And frickin email me the other one. I could care less how rough it is. I want to read it. I have to work Saturdays at Trek to pay for MAH BAYBAY and I need something to occupy my time in between phone calls. Email it, now.
Oh yeah, like the new blog layout too.

GenghisKhan said...

HW--Stranger?! Genghis Khan? Hmmm, musn't have done too well in history. Check out the all knowing wikipedia to get to know me better... ;o)

Just came across this blog via the randomness that is this internet.


TeRonia: Master of All Trades said...

Wow, that one sketch is creepy when it is enlarged.

I love the fact that you have managed to NOT show any pics of our wonderful place yet!