Saturday, March 21, 2009

Visitors from the North.

Tonia and I have had a couple busy and very enjoyable weeks.  First of all Kelli Z. came down to visit Tonia. It seemed like she had a good time seeing the sights and lounging by the pool.
She and Tonia went out on the town on St. Patrick's day.  The same day that J came for a visit.
Since she's been here we went to the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park in Phoenix where we climbed up and took in the views.  

We also walked around the park near the Zoo and saw these very friendly and demanding Geese.

We've spent some good times hanging out and exploring the city.  Last night Duane and Janet Wheeler (parents of Danette Abraham) took us out to an interesting restaurant in Mesa called Organ Stop Pizza.  From the outside it looks like any other restaurant, but when you go inside the place is huge!

They have a huge pipe organ that comes up out of a pit below the floor.  The organist plays requests and a selection of standards.  Two of the more enjoyable were the Star Wars montage complete with the cantina song, and the Little Mermaid Under the Sea. 

As you can see the place is a favorite of the snowbirds.

Seeing how many people were milling around the place, J decided to play 'Where's Jordan'.  
Good luck!

In other news, Tonia has stripped the Antelope down to the metal getting it ready for its future paint job.  She has some bold ideas for its new look.  All I'll say is Yuk.

Also I have decided to try one last quick polish on the first novel and I'll send it out to agents.  If I hear back that it needs editing then I will pay the $3000 for editing.  I just can't justify paying that kind of coin on something that isn't a sure thing.

We have J for a couple more days and we are having a great time with her.  We may have to cancel her ticket and make her stay.  We'll see.


Jordan said...

Haha good Job, dad. Hanging out at the Organ Stop with the "Snowbirds" was awesome. Couldn't believe how big and loud that organ was.

Heathrow's World said...

Is that Big J at the bar?? What the heck?
Love the snowbird pic :)

Brian said...

Tonia better paint that bike up quick before it completely rusts out!


Simmons said...

She might as well stay. Fargo will be under water soon :)

tonia said...

Thanks Kelli and Jordan for the fun visits! I can finally say that I have a tan now; some weird tan lines... but it still counts!

Simmons said...

I suppose the SOLD sign means there is absolutely no chance of getting my Sunday training partner back :(

Congratlations I guess :)