Saturday, May 2, 2009

The bike build.

Once again, it's been a while since I posted.  And once again, I have no good excuse, so I won't give any.  In the news lately around here, (as Dave mentioned in the last post) we sold our house in Fargo, FINALLY!  It closes mid May and we have already found a new place in the Phoenix Metro.  Hopefully everything goes through smoothly and we get the place; when we have pictures, we'll post them.
Tonia and I passed our 7th anniversary in Sedona.  It's pretty close to the metro so we drove up on a Friday and came home on a Sunday.  We went on a 4x4 Extreme Hummer tour called "The Jeep Eater".

Our ride.

The easy part of the trail.

Hummer on only two tires.

We had both rain and shine in Sedona but we were able to get some nice shots of the mountains during the rainy weather.

In other news, the new bike is pretty much done.  I still mourn Mr. Peanut, but Mr. Yuk is pretty bad- so I'll get over it.  I still need a longer bottom bracket, and I may get the Singleator from Surley, but otherwise he's good to go.  Here are the picks I've got.  For those of you who don't know who Mr. Yuk is please enjoy this video.

The paint booth in the Garage.

Stripped frame in the paint booth.

Two tone paint job.

Tonia removing the vinyl decals from under the black paint. (cool effect, huh?)

The finished frame.

Close up of the paint job.

Close up of the top tube.

The finished ride.  Not too shabby for a couple amateurs!


Brian said...

Excellent work T&T. The frame looks great. I must admit it looks much better than the matte black Schwinn that I painted for you.

And congrats on the house selling/buying. :)

Simmons said...

That is a great name for a bike and a spectacular paint job to match! You two should talk to Brian about getting that paint scheme added to the Project One line up. Seriously.

Brian said...

I could picture that paint scheme on a Madone...

Simmons said...

Maybe pitch it to Surly instead :)

Heathrow's World said...

nice job! Looks good. Sounds like the Hummer tour was fun!

Simmons said...

I posted. "Tag" your it :)

tonia said...

did you die?